We are based in the Netherlands. Reach us out to further understand how we can partner, improving our elderly and healthcare professional lives

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JUVOO won the I WILL award

For the first time in the I WILL award, JUVOO won the Jury award as well as the Public award! We are so grateful for all the fantastic energy and looking forward to continuing using it improving intelligently our elderly care!

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JUVOO Platform

JUVOO Platform is now ready for client 

We are very happy that our excitement 

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JUVOO’s mission is to help transform the elderly care in the Netherlands towards a sustainable model where we still can take care of our elderly now and in the future. Our aim is to change the current bureaucratic system for elderly care and move part of those wasted professional hours back into well-being for the elderly.

This will be accomplished by offering a unique platform where people can engage with each other and effectively communicate. JUVOO will be built in three parts:

1 An intelligent learning platform

A platform where the health processes are digitized and connected into automatic data gathering on health quality protocols

2 A Learning and communicative platform

A platform where personnel on all levels can communicate and engage. All parties will be connected with smart data analytics feed that will create a real-time monitor

3 Live engaging data reporting

This monitor will help individuals and teams to get insights on their performance and excel their potentials to become autonomous teams

Our Mission

JUVOO Mission is to improve the daily way of living of our elderly with more time with their healthcare professionals, by empowering the healthcare professionals with sustainable, most efficient and intelligent technologies linked into one platform

Healthcare challenges

Challenges to overcome

Health professionals face increased bureaucracy, less time to follow rapid changing protocols, increasing repetition and surveillance of tasks, increasing pressure of work and increased administration time. Negative results: increase of sick-leaves, increase of mistake risks, less time for clients ending up with less engagement towards their dream job.   

The weight of regulation on the day to day tasks of the health professionals is estimated to be above 30% of their time.

JUVOO solution

JUVOO’s offer is split in of two parts: 

(1) on one hand a platform where the health processes are digitized and connected with IoT (Internet of Things) data gathering, artificial intelligence suggesting health quality protocols, integrated with patient’s records and real-time dashboards; 

(2) and on another hand a platform where staff on all levels can communicate and engage. Both sides will relate to smart data analytics feed that will create a real-time monitor.  

This application is going to help organizations to communicate and learn in an integral way (Organization, professionals, clients and their family). JUVOO helps the stakeholders to connect the objectives, processes and the expected performance. This approach will ensure that the patient receives the best available care possible. 

JUVOO is an easy to use platform including real-time applications, dashboards and time-saving tools including learning facilities whenever wherever you need it.  

JUVOO saves time on administration, learning and know-how. It takes out all waste regarding regulations, protocols, documents and delivers these have-to’s on the right moment to the right person the right way 

The platform offers insight into risk-situations and supports professionals to resolve them quickly. They get quick access to relevant protocols, know-how, micro-learning and social-learning This gives all users more time to be spend to the core of care, personal growth and easy and more fun while learning and human attention. 


António Faria

Experienced finance professional. Started his career in consulting and audit, went through financial advisory working on companies from the Fortune 500 and is now working for ING in the transformation advisory for Finance. He completed his MBA in RSM in 2017 and with that continued his interest in business consulting on a finance and behavioral marketing. 

Mark Venekamp

Experienced senior executive with over 15 years of (international) experience at strategic, operational as well as at transformation and (crisis) management level. He has a track record in building and creating commercial growth, culture changes in 100 days and creating operational excellence or customer intimacy within small, medium and large profit and non-profit organizations. Works from top management to deep within the organization at operational level. 

Roopesh Santokhi

15+ years of experience in leading change in complex organizational environments, inspiring stakeholder alignment and inspiring them to embrace change. Building trust, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship are some of his strong competences. Roopesh has a ‘get things done’ mentality mostly by reducing/ simplifying complexity. He has the ability to build high-performance teams and transform individuals into output driven team performers. He achieves team benefits by sharing a strategic vision which creates clear sense of purpose and urgency 

William Gomes

William has 12 years of experience in the healthcare. He knows the healthcare from multiple points of view, as he worked as a nurse, performance supporter and quality consultant. 

He’s motivated to support health care professionals in delivering the best possible performance. He catalyzes this by communicating with the professionals, trying to understand what they need and then translate the needs into appropriate solutions. William attaches great importance to simple solutions that contribute to a better quality of life for the care recipients. 


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We are based in the Netherlands. Reach us out to further understand how we can partner, improving our elderly and healthcare professional lives